All About SEO

Why you can't afford to not

Think on this:

  • 500 sales per month (6000 per year) through Google,
  • Those 6000 sales get spread among those at the top of the search results (your competitors who pay for professional SEO services),
  • You get zero of those sales,
  • Those sales lead to more word-of-mouth referrals for your competitors, and larger profits spent on upgrading equipment, expanding their business, more marketing, hiring more staff, offering better services, etc.
  • Your competitors use their lead to create an even bigger lead on you.
  • Month after month you struggle a little more, slowly falling further and further behind.

Where will it end?

Sure, you have your own loyal base of customers and things are currently going pretty okay, right?

What happens when:

They don't need your product/service any more?

They move house and need someone more local?

They pass away?

They get curious about your competitors?

They have a single bad experience with you?

They lose their job/income?

Or any number of other reasons we all lose customers over time?

SEO is about setting your business up for the future. It's about getting more before you inevitably need it.

"The best time to sign up was 12 months ago; the second best time is today."

Before you sign up; let's make sure your business and our SEO are a good fit for each other.

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Audit Report

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Complete Audit Report

The first step of SEO
$ 499
  • Reliable info for 60 days
  • See if SEO is right for you
  • Gives a full breakdown of website issues
  • No contract, no obligation

Local SEO

If your customers are local
$ 1,880
  • For businesses with local customers
  • Perfect for tradies and local retail stores
  • Makes you a local go-to for your industry
  • Guaranteed longevity of your business
  • Good market growth and high ROI
  • Not for eCommerce websites

Ecommerce SEO

For online retail websites
$ 3,480
  • For selling directly through your website
  • Perfect for promoting products Australia-wide
  • Helps you show up on Google Shopping
  • Guaranteed longevity of your business
  • Great market growth and high ROI
  • For those who wish to expand their business

National SEO

For multi-site service businesses
$ 2,980
  • For businesses who service multiple cities
  • Perfect for chain/franchise businesses
  • Increases sales at multiple locations at once
  • Guaranteed longevity of your business
  • Excellent market growth and very high ROI
  • Become a known, household brand name

Whole Hog SEO

For those wanting to become multinationals
$ 6,680
  • For corporations and large enterprises
  • Perfect for world domination
  • Basically show up everywhere, for everything
  • Guaranteed longevity of your business
  • Huge market growth and incredible ROI
  • Does not come with an Iron Man suit
Full shebang

Great work, fair prices; locally made